Tioga County Woman Scammed For $ 9,000 Using Fake Facebook Profile | Crime reports

Lawrenceville, PA – An unknown suspect created a fake Facebook profile and was able to rip off a woman in Tioga County for $ 9,000 while communicating through Facebook Messenger.

The 64-year-old Lawrenceville victim first received a message via Facebook Messenger on May 30 from a profile who appeared to be a friend of hers.

The post claimed the victim’s friend received a large grant after paying a $ 3,000 fee and providing contact details for the International Development Association, according to Pennsylvania State Police in Mansfield.

The victim was ordered to buy $ 4000 worth of gift cards and give them to the crooks. The victim was then told there were issues with various government agencies and that she should send more money via gift cards, state police said.

After being tied up and sent $ 9,000 in gift cards, the victim began to suspect that it was a scam. She discovered the post was from a Facebook profile that wasn’t actually her friend’s, but had been made to look like her, state police said.

State police added that more information about the scams can be found on the Better Business Bureau site.

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