Three Nigerians arrested for using fake Facebook profile to defraud N7.5Million female doctor in India

Police arrested three Nigerians and two others after using a fake Facebook profile to trick a 51-year-old female doctor for Rs 13.5 lakh (around 7.5 million Naira) in New Delhi, India.

Police have revealed that the gang impersonated an Italian doctor and subsequently, under the pretext of sending gifts, defrauded her into paying the amount, reports The Indian Express.

The three Nigerians arrested are Chijioke Desmond Iheka (38), Kelechi Jonathan Dike (44), Chidozie Morris (35) and the other two are Pankaj Singh (24) and Sarfaraz Ansari (35).

Mumbai Police officials said the incident took place between May and June in the city’s western suburbs as the gang approached her via a fake Facebook profile and tricked her into sending first a friend request from a profile named Marco Kelvin Lucas.

“While the biography said he was an Italian doctor, she accepted the request as a result of which the two began to discuss,” said an officer.

Later, through the fake profile, they alleged that they were sending her 85,000 euros, watches and handbags, after which one of their accomplices contacted her claiming that the bag containing these items of value had been entered.

“Under the pretext of paying customs duties, customs penalties, insurance fees and conversion costs, the fraud made him pay Rs 13.59 lakh,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Rashmi Karandikar.

The Indian Express said the woman then filed a complaint. A case was registered in the relevant sections of cheating and cheating by impersonation.

“With the help of technical evidence, they managed to locate one of the culprits, identified as Pankaj Singh (24),” Karandikar added.

During his interrogation, the names of other culprits were identified, who were also arrested from Delhi.

Following their arrest, police seized 25 cell phones, four laptops, a tablet and 10 debit cards.

One officer said: “We learned that they similarly created multiple profiles on Facebook as they tricked multiple people into using a similar modus operandi. We try to identify the victims and afterwards we will check if the complaint is lodged with the relevant police station as this will help us to detect more cases.