The attacker who nearly blinded the victim with a trapped eye in a Facebook search

A drinker who almost blinded a young man in one eye in a nighttime attack has been jailed – after a friend of the victim spent months searching Facebook to identify him.

The victim had to undergo emergency surgery to save his right eye after Brandon Mark Harris, 23, smashed his eye socket and other bones in his face with a single punch, said Matthew Collins, pursuing.

Harris had “bounced to his feet like a boxer while waving his arms aggressively” in Micklegate, York, the attorney said.

“He looked like he wanted to fight someone.”

Then the 23-year-old walked over to the victim’s group, who was doing nothing wrong.

The victim tried to calm Harris down, as did Harris’s friends.

But without warning, Harris punched the victim hard in the face with a closed fist and fled before police arrived.

One of the victim’s friends searched Facebook for months until he found a photo of Harris online and told police about it, Collins said.

Harris, of Stuart Road, Acomb, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm in York.

He had no previous convictions.

“This is downtown violence, seen by the public at night by a drunken man,” Recorder of York Judge Sean Morris said.

He jailed Harris for 14 months telling him, “Your victim will live with it for the rest of his life.”

In her personal statement, the victim said emergency surgery on September 19, 2019 saved his sight, but he still suffers from blurred and damaged vision. His eye had fallen and sunk into his face and he must have had a metal plate permanently inserted in his face.

“He has a hard time coming to terms with his appearance,” Mr. Collins said.

He also suffered from nightmares and flashbacks that kept him awake.

The victim had been off work for 10 weeks, his mother had to temporarily shut down her business in order to take care of him and his father’s work had also been affected.

He now feels in danger when he is in York or his home region.

For Harris, Graham Parkin said: “He recently started having suicidal thoughts as a result of his actions that day almost two years ago,”

Harris had deep remorse and wished he could go back. He had behaved out of his character.

At the time, he had mental health issues that weren’t being treated.

Since then he had been in contact with mental health services and had also tackled his alcohol problems, Mr Parkin said.

Mr Collins said Harris was part of a group arguing with each other on Micklegate at 3:50 a.m.

He walked over to the victim’s group and started yelling curses.