Remove Facebook search suggestions from the search bar on Android

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Facebook is a great way to connect with friends. If you want to add someone as a friend on Facebook, you can search their profile and submit a request. Facebook witnesses nearly 2 billion searches every day and based on these searches, the social networking site shows us the search suggestions. Therefore, it is advisable to remove Facebook search suggestions if you don’t want anyone to know what you are looking for on FB.

You must have seen this little search widget above the Android Facebook app. When you tap search, you’ll see that Facebook keeps track of what you’ve searched for and when since the day you started using it. So if you don’t want to see those nasty search suggestions anymore, here’s how to turn them off in a few easy steps.

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Remove Facebook search suggestions

Facebook keeps track of everything you’ve searched since you opened your account and offers it as a search suggestion. So when you clear your search history, the suggestions also automatically disappear. Follow these steps to delete your search history.

1]Open the Facebook app on your Android phone and tap on the search bar above.

2]It will display a number of search suggestions based on your recent searches. Now press the Edit button in the right corner of the page.

3]When you press the Edit button, it will show your entire search history. To delete all of your search history, press the Clear searches button.

4]Once done, the app may ask you to confirm before deleting your history and press To confirm.

5]From now on, your Facebook application will no longer show you any search suggestions.

You can even check this by looking at the search history by tapping the search bar again.

It should be noted that Facebook does not track your location when it comes to looking for suggestions. So you shouldn’t worry about it. However, Facebook accesses your location. Read our in-depth guide on How to Prevent Facebook from Tracking Your Location.

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This way you delete the Facebook search suggestions on your phone. For more of these tips and tricks, stay tuned with us!