Protect your profile from stalkers in 4 simple steps

A few months ago, Facebook introduced a security feature called “Facebook Profile Lock” which gave Indian users more control over their profiles. With the help of this feature, users can completely lock their Facebook profile from strangers or any profile visitor who is not in the user’s friend list.

When the feature was introduced in India, the social media giant released a statement stating that the ability to lock a Facebook profile is a feature designed for Indian users, especially women, who want more control over their experience. Facebook. So, if you are wondering how to use the new “Facebook Profile Lock” yourself, here is how to do it.

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How to Lock Facebook Profile

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to lock your Facebook profile from stalkers:

Step 1: Launch Facebook on your device.

The feature is available on both the Facebook mobile app and the web version.

2nd step: Go to your profile and tap on the “More” option under your profile picture.

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Image credits: Facebook

Step 3: Now click on the “Lock Profile” option from the list of available options.

Lock Facebook Profile

Image credits: Facebook

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Step 4: Now click on the “Lock your profile” option to confirm.

Lock Facebook Profile

Image credits: Facebook

Once you follow the above steps, your profile will be locked and it will also show a message that the profile has been locked whenever a stranger visits your profile. However, you can always choose to remove the profile lock and apply a bunch of other privacy and security settings to your account.

Before introducing a profile lock feature, Facebook already had an option called “Profile Picture Guard” that allowed users to lock their profile picture from profile visitors. The feature is still available and essentially prevents profile visitors from viewing or downloading a profile picture on their devices. As for the new “Facebook Profile Lock” feature, it can also help users hide their profile details and other activities on their timeline, including posts.

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Image credits: @timbennettcreative | Unsplash