Nottinghamshire widower caught by pedophile hunter using fake Facebook profile

A chronic alcoholic expressed his sexual desires to a fake Facebook profile of a 13-year-old girl. Widowed man David Singfield, of Lime Avenue, Huthwaite, was lonely and isolated when he got into the habit of going to the social media website and messaging women.

While he was often rejected, one of his messages was a friend request to the random profile of the 13-year-old, a complete stranger. In fact, it was created by a woman from a group that tracks pedophiles.

Nottingham Crown Court heard the ‘girl’ confirm she was ‘just 13’, before there was any contact and messaging between them. Singfield boldly asked if she “smoked and drank.” He told her she was “a pretty girl” and made sexual suggestions.

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When their messaging was transferred to WhatsApp, he sent her photos of himself. The vigilante found him.

She saw him on the street and called the police, presenting them with the evidence she gleaned. After his arrest, he could not recall conversations with the teenager, explaining that he would have been “drunk and stoned at the time”, said Kevin Jones, prosecuting. Singfield has denied any sexual interest in the children.

Mitigating Lucy Hocknell said on Friday, April 8 that Singfield is someone who really struggles to accept that it’s something he did. “He tells me it’s disgusting and people are rightly outraged at people who behave this way.”

Until his arrest, Singfield worked for three years for a company making carpet sample books. He informed his employers of his crimes and they immediately suspended him.

Singfield also told everyone he worked with – which got people talking about it on Facebook. ‘He has been assaulted many times by people who are rightly disgusted by what he has done,’ Miss Hocknell said.

Singfield, who was previously convicted 32 years ago, pleaded guilty to attempting to provoke or incite a child under 13 to engage in penetrative sexual activity and attempting to have sexual communication with a child. He received a sexual abuse prevention order and will sign the sex offender register for ten years.

A prescription for alcohol cure was made for six months and he must do 40 days of rehabilitation. A two-year prison sentence was suspended for two years.

Recorder Michael Auty QC told him in the dock: “You are 50. Your lawyer says you are rightly disgusted with yourself. So you should be.”

Singfield, who said he was “sorry”, was reminded that these crimes, “are not without victim”. and you didn’t know one way or another”.

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