Narendra Modi: Twitter, Facebook Profile Pic Announces New Tricolor Campaign | Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed his social media profile picture to tricolorNews WAALI

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) has called for a new India many times. Nobody knows his patriotism anymore. Narendra Modi has changed the display picture or DP of his social media account on the occasion of independence day and gave a special message. On Tuesday morning, an image of the tricolor national flag was seen replacing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s profile picture on Facebook and Twitter. He launched a new campaign by changing his image on social networks. On the occasion of the 76th Independence Day, he invited the citizens of the country to watch the program “Har Gohar Taranga”. Modi called on all citizens to put a picture of the national flag in their social media profile picture.

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In a tweet, Modi wrote: “Today August 2 is a very important day. While we celebrate Azadi Ka Amrita Mohotsav, we will celebrate the national flag through the “Hargahar Taranga” program. So I changed my DP on all social media and ask you to change your photo as well. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also paid tribute to Pingli Venkaiah, who designed the national flag. In a tweet, Modi wrote, “Paying tribute to Pingli Venkaiah on his birthday. Our country will be eternally indebted to him for providing the national flag. We are proud of the national flag and inspired by it to work for the betterment of the country. ” We will do it

In commemoration of the 75th Independence Day of the country, we would like to encourage the citizens of the country to hoist the national flag by promoting “Har Gohar Teranga” under Independence Ka Amrita Mohotsav. Modi told ‘Min Ki Baat’ radio program on Sunday that the country will witness a historic moment on the 75th Independence Day.