McDonald’s has to thank Emily Zugay for her most liked Facebook profile picture of all time

CHICAGO: Emily Zugay took TikTok by storm by redesigning forged logos for brands.

When McDonald’s noticed that its own Golden Arches weren’t included, its public relations and social media teams got to work.

“We decided to comment on his video as an initial point of contact, asking him to help reinvent the iconic Arches d’Or logo,” said Guillaume Huin, social media director of brand content and engagement. for McDonald’s USA. never would have hoped, with 170,000 likes on our comment, showing us that fans of both [Zugay] and McDonald’s wanted to see it work its magic on our logo.

In his next video, Zugay made McDonald’s wish come true and created a logo emphasizing the “o” in McDonald’s. In the video, she explained that to pair perfectly with her new logo, McDonald’s could launch a campaign focused on onion rings. Additionally, the logo she created misspelled McDonald’s name as McDOalds.


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“I don’t think you want your logo to be suggestive, but right now it looks like two knees to me,” Zugay said in his Golden Arches video. “I don’t want to think about the knees while I eat my McChicken.”

McDonald’s has a dedicated and integrated team of experts from its social and public relations teams who manage a permanent listening engine. The team, who worked on this campaign with lead agencies Wieden + Kennedy New York and Golin, are constantly looking for cultural moments to spark even more love for the McDonald’s brand. Part of that includes initiating and nurturing relationships with real fans of the brand, explained Emily Lyons Peet, director of public relations and brand engagement for McDonald’s USA.

“When we saw [Zugay] Sharing his witty logo overhaul, we quickly moved on to a hyper-integrated action plan to create a combined social and media moment, ”said Lyons Peet.

McDonald’s has decided to operate a “digital rebranding” on its social networks and published the Zugay logo on TIC Tac, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. McDonald’s saw hundreds of thousands of combined engagements on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In particular, however, the Facebook post featuring the logo change turned out to become McDonald’s most beloved profile picture, quickly amassing 104,000 likes and 25,000 shares.

“We wanted to do whatever we could to elevate her sheer sparkle with our fans and share ‘mcdOalds’ with the world,” said Lyons Peet.

In addition to its visual identity, McDonald’s has also changed the spelling of its name on social media, renaming its chains McdOald’s. McDonald’s kept the complete overhaul going for almost a week – “not just because our fans loved it, but because we wanted to shine the spotlight. [Zugay’s] work on our digital footprint, ”said Huin.

Its logo is still the McDonald’s profile picture on TikTok, where the trend originated.

“Who knows when we will make the change,” Huin said.

Zugay’s McDonald’s logo has “caught fire” among fans of the channel on social media. And while some understand the logo’s refresh story, Huin explained that others are “really concerned that McDonald’s has undergone some kind of interesting visual transformation.”