Man realizes his long-running Facebook profile picture includes a sex toy in the background

This is a public service announcement.

Be sure to check, double check, then check again all the photos you upload to the Internet, lest you end up like the blissfully oblivious man in this story.

This man uploaded a photo, which in hindsight probably wasn’t ideal, to his Facebook page and was so happy with it that he chose to make it his profile picture.

It wasn’t until recently that he noticed there was a giant pink dildo sitting on the tub behind his shoulder, clearly visible for all to see. There is no doubt what it is.

Here comes the fun part. This photo was the man’s profile picture for two whole years!

Admittedly, it is a bit dark there. But still, it’s literally the only other object in the frame besides the fool who hasn’t noticed it for two years!

Let me clear it up a bit for you so you can better see this huge gaffe.

Yes, it’s a giant pink dildo.

Sharing his hilarious story on Reddit, the man wrote that he doesn’t really use his Facebook for anything other than logging into other accounts and his only friends are close family members.

He added that he came from a very conservative town in the southern United States, making his mistake gleefully offensive to his community.

“Look just over my right shoulder and you’ll see the unmistakable ‘old reliable’ presence of my girlfriend watching me from the background,” he joked.

“As soon as I noticed this, I changed the profile picture, but god, I’m so embarrassed right now. Thankfully (or sadly?) no one had commented, so either no one commented. noticed either nobody was brave enough to tell me, ha!

“Well, nothing to do now but laugh!”

It’s unclear how his girlfriend handled the embarrassment of having her favorite toy on display for so long.

Again, this was a public service announcement. Thank you for your time.

Source: Reddit