Lock Facebook profile to hide private information and protect privacy

Locking down a Facebook profile is one of the best ways to keep personal information private. Users can easily do this on Android, iOS, and the web.

Privacy has always been a controversial issue on Facebook, but there are things users can do to protect their personal information on the platform. Of course, people can hide their Facebook profiles from strangers to prevent unsolicited interactions, but one of the best ways to keep a Facebook account private and keep stalkers at bay is to simply lock it down. The feature is designed to protect users’ personal information from people who are not their friends and can be done on Android, iOS, and the web.

When a user locks their Facebook profile, it prevents strangers from seeing most of their personal information, including friends list, stories, posts, and most other details. Locking a profile also means that only friends can see their full-size profile picture and cover photo for added privacy. Plus, all of their “public” posts will also be visible only to their friends rather than everyone on Facebook. Users can easily lock their profiles on all available platforms.


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AT lock a Facebook profile Using the mobile app, first tap the profile avatar at the top left. Then press the three-dot menu button on the right, next to the Edit profile button. On the next screen, simply select Lock profile then confirm the decision on the next page by pressing the blue Lock your profile button at the bottom. This should lock down that Facebook profile and prevent that user’s personal information from being shown to people who are not their friends on Facebook. The process is the same on Android and iOS.

The option “Lock profile” is only available on the Facebook mobile site

Users can also lock their profile using Facebook’s website, but it’s not as easy as one would like. The Facebook desktop site does not offer the Lock profilee ‘ option, which means users have to navigate to the mobile site, which it does. While the workaround is pretty straightforward, it’s still a bit boring, something Facebook should take a look at. Having said that, this is the only method available at this point for people who want to lock their profile through the website.

For people who prefer to use the website to lock their profile, log into the Facebook mobile site (m.facebook.com) and click on the profile avatar at the top left. Next, tap on the three-dot menu button next to the blue Edit profile and in the context menu, select Lock profile. ‘ Finally, confirm the decision by clicking on the Lock your profile button on the next page.

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