How was my Facebook profile hacked? User reveals hacking scam in SL

A Facebook profile hacking system via FB Messenger has been reported in Sri Lanka.

Lanka Sugar Company President Janaka Nimalachandra revealed the hacking system after his Facebook account was compromised.

The hacking system was reportedly activated via a message sent to the friend list of a compromised Facebook account via FB Messenger.

The message claims that the recipient’s Facebook account has been compromised and their photo has been misused, tricking the recipient into clicking a web link.

The recipient’s Facebook account is then hacked as they click on said internet link.

“Now I no longer have access to my account, but the account is active and whoever uses it sends the same message to everyone on my friends list. Don’t open this message if you get a similar message, ”Janaka Nimalachandra warned.

He told NewsWire, despite being cautious of scams, he opened the link as sent to him by a Facebook friend.

“Shortly after, I lost access to my account. The hacker also deleted my login email from my account, ”Nimalachandra added.

He further called on the public to be vigilant in the face of the hacking involving Facebook that is currently spreading in Sri Lanka. (NewsWire)

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