How To See Who Views Facebook Profile 2022 Tip

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Check how to see who is viewing Facebook profile

We have put together a comprehensive guide on this topic. People want Facebook to offer this option now that they have access to apps like LinkedIn, which allows them to see who has viewed their account profiles. Most people have always wanted to know who visited their Facebook page, even if they don’t know that some apps provide this information. Many people have claimed that Facebook never intended to provide this feature. However, following the Cambridge Analytica incident and the privacy concerns raised, Facebook was forced to agree to provide tools to let you know who has viewed your profile. However, many users have complained that Facebook distributes their data (information) to third parties. Accordingly, it is necessary to have a more powerful privacy control.

How can I see who viewed my FB profile on mobile?

Are you an iOS mobile user? Then follow the steps below on how to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click on (3 links) the main drop-down menu
  • Access privacy shortcuts
  • Tap “Who’s Viewed My Profile”

Considering this is a newly released feature, if these steps don’t work for you, you can take the help of some iOS apps like “Social Fans”, which will let you see your Facebook profile viewers. You can install this app from iTunes Store for all iOS devices and then follow the steps mentioned above to see who viewed your FB profile on mobile.

What about Android FB users?

Bad news! For now, the feature is only available for iOS FB users. Can you take their help? Do not? Note: Mobile users can also install and link third-party apps to their FB accounts to check who viewed their profile. Several applications are available on the Google Play Store. The one that looks pretty decent (as people say) is Who Viewed My Profile. This app can also help you find out who visited your profile on Facebook and other social media apps. However, there are no guarantees! The question is, if Facebook never added a feature for Android to verify your profile users, then how could other apps help you see it? Do not worry! There are other tricks mentioned in the post.

How to see who viewed your Facebook on computer?

Unlike mobile devices, displaying Facebook viewers on desktop takes a bit of time. Read on for an effective method.

  • Visit your Facebook profile timeline page using any browser on your system
  • Once the page loads, right click anywhere
  • Select view page source (you can also use or use CTRL+U and a new page source tab will open)
  • Press CTRL + F to open the search box in the new tab containing the source HTML codes. (Command + F for Mac users). See image below.
  • In the search box, copy and paste BUDDY_ID and enter
  • You will see a list of some profile IDs of people who have visited your profile
  • Now copy any profile ID (15 digit number)
  • Then open and paste the ID there (eg and hit enter.
  • The result shows you the person who visited your Facebook profile
  • Stay connected during the task.

Final Words: How to See Who Views Facebook Profile

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