How to see who is stalking your Facebook profile

Facebook is one of the best-known online media scenes where the vast majority will often invest a lot of their energy. It seems plausible when you realize you have things to do there: socialize with people you’re friends with, message people, transfer photos/recordings, and even mess around. Likewise, Will Read – Metaverse’s big push be to the point of keeping it prominent among the majority?

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Either way, these are the essential Facebook tasks one can do. The step claimed by Mark Zuckerberg is supposedly also used to track people and monitor his clients, especially when they are a potential enemy, someone you envy or, presumably, an ex you need to know. Likewise, Read – Meta knowledge includes with you avoid nagging in the metaverse

This brings us to the inquiry, “how could you see who viewed your Facebook profile?”, and the answer to that question is by following a few hacks, which we will discuss here. So, keep browsing to finally find a solution to the question you’ve been asking for a while. Likewise Read – Meta just had its most horribly terrible day in the financial exchange, on the verge of eradicating over $200 billion

How do you know who has viewed your Facebook profile? (The Web)

The main approach is an interaction that contains a few steps. Either way, don’t laugh, this is a full check. One thing to note is that this works for the Facebook web renderer and not the Facebook app. Here are the ways to follow:

Step 1: Open your Facebook account on the web by going to

Step 2: Once you are on your Facebook page or the course of events, right click anywhere.

Step 3: Now, select the “View Page Source” choice to see your Facebook source.

Step 4: Once the page source is open, press “CTRL + F” to access the search bar used to search for items.

Step 5: Now type “BUDDY_ID” in the search bar and hit enter.

Step 6: Once done, you will be given a few Facebook Profile IDs close to “BUDDY_ID”. All you want to do is duplicate one of the IDs, open another tab, search for “ digit ID” and the profile of the person who viewed your profile comes up.

We tried this hack to see with our own eyes and it works. Even though, there are chances that this workaround might scratch a similar profile ID many times which creates a kind of disarray.

How do I know who has viewed my Facebook profile? (Android)

Another approach to finding out who visited your Facebook profile without you knowing is to use an Android app. There are a few apps accessible on the Google Play Store when you search for them. Nevertheless, among many applications, the one that seems to be quite good is Who Viewed My Profile. This app can help you sort out who visited your profile on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, basically all the Zuckerberg babies.

Who viewed the My Profile app?

You just need to download the app from the play store and select one of the three choices (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp) to know the guests of any of the apps. You only need to log in at the chosen steps, after which you will see an overview of people who have viewed your profile. Names will be disclosed after tapping on them.

To get immediate access to names, dating with no ads or no usage limits, you can complete the Pro form of the app by paying a certain amount of money.

We tried the Who Viewed My Profile app and surprisingly it works. We had the ability to see our Facebook stalkers, with the results being similar to the previously mentioned hack.

How do I know who has viewed my Facebook profile? (iOS)

The iOS step is a little safer and so there is no iOS app to find out who viewed your Facebook profile. Nevertheless, iOS customers can continuously follow the number 1 hack to fix this problem.

We hope these techniques will be helpful to you in realizing who is watching you, either for no particular reason or to protect yourself through online media. All things considered, the idea is to stay protected on the web and avoid stalkers, all things being equal.