How to see who is following your Facebook profile or page

  • You can see who’s following you on Facebook through your profile or page by following these quick steps.
  • If someone is interested in your Facebook page, they won’t always send a friend request – some people just follow your profile.
  • Facebook allows you to see who follows your profile, and also to know if you have mutual friends.
  • Facebook users can also follow your pages, instead of liking them.

Whether you use Facebook personally or professionally – or a mix of the two – it’s important to know who might be visiting your profile outside of your close group of friends.

People can quietly “follow” you instead of sending a friend request (if your profile is public rather than private), meaning your posts will appear in their News Feed without your knowledge.

In other words, some people may see your public updates more regularly than you think.

How to see who is following you on Facebook

1. Go to your friends tab and select the “More” section.


Click on the “More” tab.

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2. Click “Next”.

Screenshot 2019 04 02 at 6.53.08 AM

Select “Next”.

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3. Scroll through the list of people following you.

Screenshot 2019 04 02 at 7.13.22 AM

Scroll to see who is following your profile.

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From here, you can send a friend request to anyone who follows you, unless they have disabled this option. Facebook also shows you any mutual friends you might have. This way you can see how you might be connected and why this person might have started following you.

How to See Who Follows Your Facebook Pages

In addition to seeing who is following your personal profile, you can also check who is “following” your Facebook pages, a distinction from people who “like” them.

Facebook users can choose to “follow” a page without liking it. When they choose to “like”, this also automatically activates the “follow” function, unless the user deactivates it. Users can also follow individual Facebook shows on the page.

Screenshot 2019 04 02 at 12.59.28 PM

Users can toggle the “Like” and “Following” tabs to the left and “Follow” displays on the pages.

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To see who is following your page, make sure you are on the “page” tab of your account. Then scroll down until you see this section in the right sidebar.


Your page’s tracking and “like” number.

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Here you can see the number of likes your page has received but also the number of followers. These numbers can vary because, as mentioned above, users can choose to follow and like, or just do one or the other.

You will need to take a few more measurements to see exactly Who follows your page:

1. Go to the “Settings” tab of your page.

Screenshot 2019 04 02 at 1.03.45 PM

Click the “Settings” tab on your page.

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2. Click on “People and other pages” in the left sidebar.

Screenshot 2019 04 02 at 18.20.39

Select “Contacts and other pages”.

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3. Toggle the menu to select “People who follow this page”.

Screenshot 2019 04 03 at 11.03.50 AM

Select “People who follow this page” from the menu.

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This will show you who is currently following your page.