How to Recover Classic Facebook Website Design

Facebook introduced a new design to its 2.7 billion social media users in March, which is designed to bring the desktop website closer to the iPhone and Android app. The redesign is also part of the California company’s plan to move away from the classic news feed and focus more on events and groups – where the company continues to see more engagement from its users.

While this might sound good in theory, the redesign won’t be too popular with everyone.

The text is now bigger throughout the site, which gives everything a slightly comical feel. There is also support for dark mode, which replaces the bright white used in the user interface with grays and blacks to increase battery life on laptops and make it easier for your eyes to read late in the day. at night, but may be too dark for some.

And if you don’t use Facebook primarily for hosting events, interacting in groups, or watching Facebook stories, then having all three features in the foreground every time you log into the website isn’t an improvement … it’s a bit of an embarrassment.

Fortunately, Facebook’s all-new design is still optional (although that will change in the coming weeks). If you’ve had enough of the new Facebook and want to go back to what the American company now calls “classic Facebook,” you can find instructions below.