How to lock your Facebook profile? Everything you need to know

Facebook had recently launched a feature that allowed its users in India to lock their profile completely so that only people on their friends list could see them, including the user’s photos and posts. The new feature called “Facebook Profile Lock” has been introduced with the aim of protecting people’s privacy from complete strangers on the social media site.

“The ability to lock your profile is a feature designed for people in India, especially women, who want more control over their Facebook experience,” Facebook said at launch. The Facebook profile lock is basically an advanced version of the profile picture lock that the company introduced a few years ago, it gives the user more control over who can view their profile.

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With profile picture protection, strangers couldn’t zoom, share, or download a user’s full-size profile picture. But with the new Facebook Profile Lock, strangers will no longer be able to see photos and posts on a user’s timeline. This would apply to all photos and posts, no matter how long someone had uploaded them.

A “locked” person’s profile will clearly display the message that the profile has been locked if clicked by a stranger. Once activated by a user, they could apply several existing privacy settings and several new features to their Facebook profile.

How to lock your Facebook profile:

  • Tap More under your name
  • Tap Lock Profile
  • Tap Lock your profile again to confirm

However, this new privacy feature comes with a tradeoff, someone who has locked their Facebook profile will no longer be able to post public messages. If they still want to keep their posts public, they will need to disable the profile lock feature.

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