How to Lock Facebook Profile and Account

  • Facebook’s lock feature allows users in India to lock their non-friend profiles.
  • Once you lock your Facebook profile, non-friends won’t be able to zoom, share, or download your full-size profile photo and cover photo.
  • The functionality is aimed particularly at women.

Social media giant Facebook has launched a new security feature in India that will allow users, especially women, to lock their non-friend profiles.

The ability to lock the profile is specially designed for women who want more control over their Facebook experience.

Once the Facebook profile is locked, non-friends cannot zoom, share, or download the user’s full-size profile photo and cover photo, and non-friends cannot view photos and posts on the timeline of the locked account (both historical and new).

“We are deeply aware of the concerns of Indians, especially women, regarding the protection of their online profile. Today we are announcing a new feature which in one easy step will give people much more control, guarantee their privacy and keep them safe online, ”said Ankhi Das, Director of Public Policy at Facebook India, in a press release.

The Lockdown Profile allows users to apply several existing privacy settings as well as several new features to their Facebook profile.

To activate the feature, a user should tap “More” under their name on their Facebook profile, then select “Lock profile” and press again to confirm.

“This new safety device will give women, especially young girls, a chance to express themselves freely,” said Ranjana Kumari, director of the Center for Social Research.

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