How to Lock a Facebook Profile with These Simple and Easy Steps

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Facebook lock profile
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“How to lock your profile on Facebook” is probably what most people ask, especially since they saw it on social media when they came across an account they know or heard about talk. Due to this lockdown, people cannot “stalk” or hide around an individual’s profile, which would make them feel safe and unconcerned about those with bad intentions.

Before that, Tech Times explored ways to remove Facebook friends or Instagram and TikTok followers without the process called “soft blocking” or blocking those people. Now, users would have the option to add a bit more privacy to their accounts and prevent people from following them and seeing their social media profile.

How to Lock a Facebook Profile

Facebook lock profile

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Facebook initially imposed an age limit through a birthday verification method on Instagram, and it is a way to protect young people from harm. It also aims to prevent people from taking their photos which would hurt or endanger them as anyone can take their information on the social media platform.

Locking a Facebook profile is simple and would prevent people from knowing a person’s information, as well as seeing and downloading their photos. This can be done both through Smartphone devices like Android or iOS, and also with PC platform with devices like PC web browser.

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Smartphone: Android or iOS

Users will need to launch their Facebook app and head to the profile page they have.

Locate their name in the app and select the three dots “…” and here users can see a variety of settings that they can apply to their profile, like information about, likes, etc.

Users must select “Lock My Profile” to start the process of protecting their account from harm and stalkers. Tap “Confirm” to apply the settings, and locking their profile is done, as simple as that.

For iOS platform, sometimes it is available on its device, but sometimes not. So what people have to do is go to the browser and type in “” and log in to their profile. From there, users can follow the steps above to do so.

PC: Web browser

For PC platform and web browser, users need to access Facebook through the browser by going to “” and logging into its profile.

Next, go to your profile page and look for the three-dot “…” menu. Here users can also see the “Lock My Profile” option which they can turn on and off to protect their account.

The last thing to do is to confirm this setting.

Facebook profile lock: is it effective?


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Facebook launched the security check-up for the big blue app, as well as Instagram so people know what security measures they can apply, or what is missing from their profile. It’s a way to help someone secure their accounts, especially if they feel harassed or compromised online.

Facebook profile lock helps keep strangers away and only friends can see the posts and content the user has posted. It would be more effective if other security measures were also applied.

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