How to Hide Your Friends List on Your Facebook Profile

Social media encourages everyone to share their lives online, but some sharing is risky. For example, a scam involves looking at someone’s Facebook friend list, sending them a message pretending to be you, and asking them to send money. This is why certain parts of your Facebook profile should be locked. Here’s how to hide your friends list on Facebook.

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To hide your Facebook friends list, log into your account and go to Privacy Settings. Scroll until you see Who can see your friends list? and click on the Edit button. Select your privacy setting on one of the available options, other than public.


How to Hide Your Facebook Friends List (Desktop)

To hide your Facebook friends using a desktop computer, start by logging into your account. Then go to privacy settings.

facebook privacy settings

Scroll to How people can find and contact you section. Here you will see an option called Who can see your friends list? This is the setting you are looking for.

facebook privacy settings 2

If you now click and pull down the menu below, you will see various privacy settings for your friends list. Obviously, public is not an option if you want to hide the list. The simplest option would be Just me. But if you’re very selective about who you make your Facebook friend, you might be able to select Friends Where Specific friends.

facebook privacy settings 3

Make your choice, then click on the Close link to close the section. The change automatically changes and saves in the background.

facebook privacy settings 4

By clicking see like will show you what your profile looks like to someone who violates your privacy settings. If the friends list is now gone, it worked.

Keep in mind that this setting is not foolproof. For example, if you share something and tag a friend, it will appear on their timeline with your name. So any determined person can link you to other people by looking for you on Facebook and browsing other people’s feeds. Obviously, however, this is infinitely more difficult and time-consuming than just checking your friends list on your own page.

How to Hide Your Facebook Friends List (Mobile)

You can also hide and lock your friends list on the mobile app. Start by tapping the menu icon at the bottom (the three horizontal lines).

facebook app menu
facebook app privacy settings

From there go to Privacy shortcuts -> Privacy -> See more privacy settings. Scroll until you see Who can see your friends list?

facebook app friends list privacy

Now choose your privacy level for your friends list.

facebook app friends list privacy options