How to find a buyer’s or seller’s Facebook profile on Marketplace

Despite countless reasons for let Facebook, there is a feature that keeps me on the site: Facebook Marketplace, a section where you can buy and sell items such as furniture, cars and vintage lamps.

Facebook Marketplace is essentially a scam from Craigslist with one really big difference: it’s linked to your public Facebook profile. While Craigslist’s anonymity is appealing to some, many people prefer being able to see who you are selling to or who you are buying something from.

Historically, Facebook Marketplace has made it very easy to see who exactly you’re buying or selling to by including their full name and a link to their Facebook profile, but I’ve noticed recently that there has been a change in the design of the site. It is now more difficult to see the name and profile of the buyer or seller. Not ideal when it’s someone you might be inviting to your home.

When someone is interested in an item, that conversation now appears in a “Marketplace” subsection of Messenger. Fortunately, you can still find the Facebook profile of the person you’re buying or selling something from. It’s just a little harder.

Here are the instructions for finding a Facebook profile for someone you do business with on Facebook Marketplace.

First, click on the Messenger icon at the top right corner of your Facebook or open the Messenger app.

Click on “Messenger” to access the conversations you have in Marketplace.
Credit: Screenshot: Facebook

Click the Marketplace conversation in Messenger to view all of the interactions you’ve had with people on Marketplace.

In Messenger, click the "Marlet" tongue.

In Messenger, click on the “Marketplace” tab.
Credit: Screenshot: Facebook

Next, select the conversation you have with a buyer or seller.

Select the conversation in the "Marlet" tab in Messenger.

Select the conversation in the “Marketplace” tab in Messenger.

After opening the conversation, click on the little carrot (if you’re on a computer) or the three dots (if you’re using the mobile app) next to the person’s first name and the title of the item being sold. This will bring up the “Chat Settings”.

Click on the "chat settings" to see who you are having a conversation with on Facebook Marketplace on Messenger.

Click “Chat Settings” to see who you’re having a conversation with on Facebook Marketplace on Messenger.

Once in the chat settings, click “Members” (or “View group members” in the mobile app) to reveal the full names of all participants in that conversation. (It should be you and the seller / buyer you’re trying to make a deal with.)


Under “Chat Settings,” click Members to reveal the user’s full name and see a link to their Facebook profile.

Click on "See group members" on Facebook Messenger.

Click “View Group Members” on Facebook Messenger.

You can now see the person’s full name. By clicking on the three dots next to their full name on the desktop (or clicking their name on the mobile app), you can message them, visit their public Facebook profile, or block them.


Under “Members”, click on the three dots to access the profile of the Facebook user.
Credit: Screenshot: Facebook

It’s unclear why Facebook, a company known for changing the design of its products, decided to bury this particularly useful feature. Of course, being able to see someone’s profile can lead to potential abuse from bad actors on Facebook, but it also gives many people a bit of peace of mind that they can see someone’s full name and Facebook profile before they meet to perform a transaction.

Either way, you should always be careful when meeting random people on the internet in person, even if you are just buying someone’s old computer screen. If possible, always meet someone with whom you plan to exchange goods in a well-lit public place during the day. Don’t go alone if you can help him out and tell a friend if you do.

We’ve reached out to Facebook to ask why and when these changes were made to Marketplace, and we’ll let you know if we have a response.