How to Add the Ukrainian Flag to Your Facebook Profile

The blue and yellow flag of Ukraine appears all over the world – it flies from car windows, is used on football field scoreboards and on public buildings.

The horrors of Russia’s invasion of their Ukrainian neighbors have caused shock, outrage and a sense of helplessness among many as scenes of war are aired on TV and social media.

Many people are also showing their solidarity with the Ukrainian people by putting the country’s flag on their Facebook profiles, reports Bristol Live.

This follows the continued invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces, which has been condemned around the world, with a host of sanctions against Russia.

Adding the Ukrainian flag to your Facebook profile is easy and we explain how to do it below.

1. Access the Add a frame to your profile picture page here.

2. Look at the Choose Frame option and you can search for Ukraine or it may already be listed.

3. You will then see the flag appear at the bottom of your profile picture.

4. You can then choose how long the flag should be displayed, from one hour to one month, or you can customize a date.

5. Select Use as profile picture option