How to Add Music to Your Facebook Profile or Story Using a Mobile App

Facebook is a platform, where we meet a number of new people with similar characters and it is also the place to establish communication and relationships with people we already know in our lives. When it comes to meeting new people and communicating with people we already know, it is very important to find people who are similar to ours so that communication and friendship gradually become stronger every day. When it comes to likeness, one of the most important aspects of likeness is taste in music.

We all like to listen to different songs and the type of songs our friends listen to gives us an idea of ​​a person’s passion and whether that person can be our good friend. Keeping this in mind, Facebook recently introduced the ability to add music to an individual profile which provides a double benefit to both the user and the visitor of a profile. By adding music to your profile, you can show your music taste on the one hand, and visitors can also listen to songs, which can also be a good pastime for them. So, adding music to your profile can definitely improve the experience of using Facebook for both yourself and visitors.

So, without further ado, let’s start with how you can add music to your Facebook profile using the official Facebook app.

Add music using the official Facebook app

Step 1: Download and install it Facebook the official app on your smartphone if you haven’t already and log in to the Facebook app with all the necessary credentials.

2nd step: Now tap on profile picture to open profile details.

Facebook profile picture

Step 3: Scroll down on your profile and tap ‘Music’ just above the section, where you can add new Facebook posts.

Tap the Facebook profile and tap

Tap on the Facebook profile and “Music”

Step 4: Now press the ‘+‘, then find the music you want to add to your Facebook profile. After selecting the song, press the ‘ADD’ button to add that particular music to your Facebook profile.

song press the 'ADD' button

song press the ‘ADD’ button

Step 5: Anyone who visits your profile can now play the song by tapping ‘Music’ then selecting the song they want to play.

Add Music to Facebook

Step 6: Moreover, there is also an option to play the full song by you are the visitor who visited your profile on Spotify by pressing the ‘Play full song‘ then choosing “Spotify” from the list of available options. Spotify is the only place where you can listen to the full song.

Play full song

Play full song

Step 7: You can add as many songs as you want to your profile or post a story on Facebook using “Add a story” option.


If your music taste changes, which is unlikely, there is also an option to remove one or more songs from your Facebook profile. To do this, tap the triple dot icon and then tap the option that says ‘Delete song from profile‘.

Remove song from profile or Add to story

Remove song from profile or Add to story

The song will be immediately removed from your profile. So you can delete all individual songs from your Facebook profile and create a new collection of songs on your Facebook profile at any given time. When adding music to your Facebook profile, you may encounter multiple items for the same song. You can find covers, remixes of a particular song, and all other versions of the same song available on Spotify. Choose the most suitable from the list. The music you add to your Facebook profile will be public. This means that everyone visiting your profile will be able to see and play the songs.

So, it was all about how to add music to your Facebook profile using the official Facebook app. Do you have questions in mind? Feel free to comment the same below.