How to add music to your Facebook profile

Some people like to reveal themselves through their main tunes rather than summing up their character in 101 characters.
Indeed, you can add several melodies to your Facebook profile and have a blocked melody which, at this stage, will be visible directly on your Facebook bio.

Source: How to become a geek

While we are discussing music on Facebook, we must not forget that you can add music to Facebook stories as well. Since assuming you have a choice to rejuvenate the images, why not use it?

How to add music to your Facebook profile?

It is essential to note that the tunes added to your Facebook profile will be made public, whether or not you have confined your gifts in plain sight of your companions.
1. Open the Facebook app on Android or iOS.
2. Go to your Facebook profile.
3. Scroll down to the field titled “What’s on your mind right now?” “A tab” Photos, avatars, life events “is located just below.
4. Swipe left until you see the Music choice and tap it.
5. Tap the + symbol in the upper right corner of the Facebook Music page.
6. Find your main song and press the “Add” button right next to it to add music to your FB profile.
7. If you need to paste a melody, go back to the Music page and tap the three-dot symbol right next to your main song.
8. Tap “Pin to profile”
You will currently see your most liked song directly on your Facebook bio. Tap the three-dot symbol right next to the stuck melody to replace the melody or unpin it.
To remove music from your Facebook profile, go back to the Facebook Music page> Tap on the three-dot symbol next to the melody and tap “Delete melody from profile”.
This element is simply accessible to Facebook portable clients. Ultimately, Facebook workspace customers would not be able to add music to their Facebook profile or see what melodies are added on another person’s profile.

How to add music to Facebook stories?

Anytime you added a melody to your Facebook profile. Go to the Facebook Music page> Tap the three-dot symbol right next to the song> Tap “Add to story”.

Another easy method to add music to Facebook story is to follow the ways below –
1. Tap the ‘Create Story’ card on your Facebook landing page

2. Tap the Music card

3. Search for almost nothing and tap on it

4. Choose a photo from your gallery or from your foundation that will enhance your musical story.
5. Press “Donate to History”

Unlike music added to a Facebook profile, music stories can be viewed in a workspace.
In that sense, this is how you can tell others about your main pieces and expose yourself to no limit.