How to activate the Follow button on your Facebook profile –

Facebook is a great marketing tool for any online business. People who start their businesses on their personal accounts tend to build stronger business relationships with people they know. As a result, these people may find that they attract a lot of friend requests. Some people may choose to open a business page at this point, while others will prefer to keep the more personal approach to business directly from their accounts.

Either way, you can always market your business to more people by activating the Follow button on your personal profile. Facebook has a friend limit of 5,000 and anyone who wants to befriend you after that can only follow you if your follow button is enabled.

When people follow you

  • They can see your public posts on their News Feed. Third parties will also be able to discover and follow your account from suggestions of “people to follow” appearing on their contacts’ news feed.
  • Your subscribers will be able to share your posts with a wider audience. It will be beneficial especially for small businesses.
  • There is no limit to the number of people who can follow you.
  • Business posts tend to get more exposure from personal profiles than posts from business pages. This is due to a Facebook algorithm allowing personal profiles more exposure.

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Here’s how to activate the Facebook follow button from your personal profile

  • Click on the arrow at the top right of your Facebook screen for the drop-down menu
  • Select settings from the menu
  • Click on “Public messages”. This setting allows you to select who can follow you. Facebook explains that friends follow your posts by default, but even people who aren’t your friends can follow your public posts.
  • From the options offered, click on “public” to allow your non-friends to follow your publications. You can also select who can see your public post comments, notifications, and public profile in the same way.

Once you activate your follow button, note that if you remove a friend from a contact, they will remain a follower, unless you choose to block them. You can also prevent certain people from following you by adjusting your privacy settings.

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