Facebook starts letting you view and delete your Facebook search history – TechCrunch

Even though the search history on search engines like Google is completely private, some people still appreciate the ability to delete it. Now Facebook is following suit, allowing you to view and delete all or part of your search history through the profile activity log. The new feature will give you more transparency about what you do on Facebook, what it tracks and make you feel like you have more control. The feature is starting to roll out today and will reach everyone over the next few weeks.

The change could signal that Facebook wants to dig deeper into the web and is preparing for a release by adding new controls.

To view your search history, go to your profile, click on the activity log on the right side, click on the “All” drop-down menu and you will be able to choose to view your “search” history in chronological order. reverse. From there, you can click to search again for items you’ve searched for in the past, delete specific searches, or clear your entire history.

For now, the feature is only available on the desktop, and whatever you do, no one else on Facebook will be able to see your search history. This is unless someone else logs into your account. Previously, someone like a loved one or relative would not have been able to see your story. Now they could, but you would be able to erase anything you asked.

Facebook currently has no way to share your search history, but the addition of the activity log control, which is otherwise for shared content, means you might be able to tell your friends what you’re looking for. in the future.

That would line up with CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s discussion of Facebook search at TechCrunch Disrupt, where he said “Facebook is well enough positioned to answer the questions people ask.” Regarding building a more powerful search engine, he noted, “At some point we will. We have a research team.