Content creators can now cash in on their Facebook profile page

Meta announced a new professional mode for Facebook user profiles that makes it easier for content creators to monetize their social media posts.

While Professional Mode will first be available to select users in the United States, the company plans to expand it to other countries in the coming months while adding access to more monetization options and more. ‘platform tools.

Content creators who decide to use Professional Mode with their Facebook profiles will be offered additional ways to make money on the social network and extensive information that was previously only available with Facebook Pages.

One of the main benefits of Facebook’s new Professional Mode is the ability to participate in the company’s new Reels Play bonus program, where top content creators can earn up to $ 35,000 per month based on views. their short videos. Unfortunately, at this time, access to this program is by invitation only and Meta will have the final say when it comes to determining which creators qualify to earn bonuses. However, interested creators can register here to learn more about the program.

Professional mode

While Meta did not provide concrete details on other pro mode monetization options in the blog post announcing it, the company did point out that it will make pro-level information available to creators. who decide to update their Facebook profiles.

This information is similar to what page owners already have access to and includes detailed information about a creator’s posts, audience, and profile. For example, they will be able to see the total number of shares, reactions and comments on their posts as well as the growth of their followers over time. With this information in hand, they will be able to better tailor their content to both their subscribers and the platform itself.

It should be noted that if a content creator decides to upgrade their existing profile on Facebook to professional mode, they will effectively become a public figure on the social network. This means that anyone will be able to follow them and see the public content posted to their feed. However, they will still be able to mark messages as public or friends only, such as with a private profile.

Meanwhile, content creators who use Facebook Pages will benefit from the new Facebook Pages experience which will give them access to a professional dashboard. The company is also working on a two-step composer for the pages that will allow creators to schedule posts and share them in groups.

Meta will likely tell us more about its new pro mode for Facebook profiles once this new experience begins rolling out to content creators in countries other than the United States.

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Via TechCrunch