Can you see who is viewing your Facebook profile?

Whenever you browse Facebook, do you ever think about who is looking at your profile? We can get a good idea of ​​some of the people who see our posts through likes and comments, but what about the people who just browse your profile without liking or commenting?

By now, I’m sure we’ve all seen those third-party apps or websites that say they can tell you who’s viewing your profile. While most of these apps and websites are obviously pretty sketchy, it may make you wonder whether or not it’s possible to track people who have visited your Facebook profile.

It doesn’t seem too crazy that this could be possible. Facebook has become known for tracking its users’ browsing activity as much as possible, so why wouldn’t it be possible for a third-party app to track users who click on your profile? So is it possible?

Can you really see who is viewing your Facebook profile?

Short answer: Nope

Unfortunately, there is no way to see who visited your Facebook profile. While there are plenty of apps and websites that claim to do this, Facebook said there’s no way to track who’s viewed your profile:

No, Facebook does not let people know who is viewing their profile. Third-party apps also cannot provide this functionality. If you come across an app that claims to offer this capability, please report the app.

Even though the social giant collects and stores all kinds of data regarding users’ browsing on social networks, the company does not authorize any third party to use this information for tracking purposes.

This data is only used for the company’s own advertising platform, and giving third parties access to this data would pose a huge risk to the privacy of all users of the platform.

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