Angelo Gafa confirms that he uses a discreet Facebook profile to keep in touch with his family and friends

Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa has confirmed that he uses a discreet Facebook profile to keep in touch with family and friends.

“I confirm that the profile given is for me and has been for many years,” Gafa told Lovin Malta. “I use this Facebook account to keep in touch with my family and friends.”

Years ago, I had chosen to keep this account discreet in order to keep it as much as possible as a personal account beyond my public service.

The profile is called “Gel Agf” and includes a blank profile photo, but the profile link says “Angelo Gafa”, indicating that the police commissioner used his real identity there, but later decided to make it more discreet.

It was first reported by Repubblika President Robert Aquilina this month.

Aquilina suggested that Gafa could use this profile to keep track of his online criticisms and warned against Meta’s policy, which “requires people to log into Facebook using the name they use in life. daily”.

Former PN MP Jason Azzopardi also weighed in.

“Look what a state we are in…a police commissioner with a fake profile. What will be next? Is the opposition comfortable with this?

Repubblika has stepped up its criticism of Gafa since he called for his resignation last month, even calling him out for maintaining a friendship with Ivan Calleja, a businessman who co-founded convenience store chain The Convenience Shop.

Posting a photo of Gafa recently, Aquilina said people have a right to be informed to help them form an informed opinion about people in prominent public positions.

“Revealing facts might initially be met with suspicion, but if your goal is the public interest and not populism, then your conscience should make you tell the public about those facts without hesitation.”

“I’m confident distrust will eventually be replaced by reason as long as you tell the truth and are motivated by justice and don’t hurt people.”

What do you think of Angelo Gafa’s tenure as police commissioner so far?

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