Ahmad Al Issa’s Facebook profile deleted

Less than an hour after the Boulder Police Chief named the suspect in the King Soopers shooting that left ten people dead on March 22, the Facebook profile of a person of the same name disappeared from the internet.

“This suspect has been identified as Ahmad Al Issa, 21, from Arvada. He has been charged with ten counts of first degree murder,” Chief Maris Herold said at a press conference at 8:30 am on the 23rd. March. The shooter’s victims were also named; they were between 20 and 65 years old.

The Facebook profile of a man named Ahmad Al Issa was deleted at around 9.20am, with a message “This content is not available at the moment” appearing in his place. Westword was able to capture some of the profile’s content just before it was deleted.

Ahmad Al Issa has been charged with ten counts of first degree murder.

Boulder Police Department

The photos on the Facebook profile match the photo of the suspect, with his full name Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, whom the Boulder Police Department released this morning. And the little biographical information posted on the alleged shooter also matches what was in the profile. For example, he noted that Al Issa was born in 1999 and frequented Arvada West High School from 2014 to 2018, making Facebook Al Issa about 21 years old and Arvada.

According to the BPD, the first officers reached the King Soopers at 3600 Table Mesa Drive in Boulder at around 2:40 p.m. on March 22, following reports of an active shooter.

Officers spoke to the gunman, who was reportedly armed with an assault rifle, resulting in a firefight in which the gunman was shot. The gunman was taken into custody at 3:28 p.m. and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Al Issa is now being held at the Boulder County Jail.

According to the Facebook profile, Al Issa was born in Syria and arrived in the United States in 2002. He said he studied computer systems engineering at Metropolitan State University in Denver. (According to MSU, “Ahmad Al Issa, a rock-shooting suspect, is, and never was, a student at MSU Denver.”)

Judging from his posts, Al Issa appears to be a fan of mixed martial arts as well as other athletic pursuits. A photo from April 2016 shows him walking on a wrestling mat while wearing an Arvada West uniform.

Click to enlarge A photo from Ahmad Al Issa's Facebook profile from February 2017. The birthmark on Al Issa's face matches the one shown on a passport photo.  - FACEBOOK

A photo from Ahmad Al Issa’s Facebook profile from February 2017. The birthmark on Al Issa’s face matches the one shown on a passport photo.


In footage taken from a helicopter over King Soopers, the bloodied suspect appears to be 21, with a large bald spot on the top of his head.

While Al Issa’s February 2017 Facebook profile photo shows a young man with full hair, a photo uploaded two years later shows a young man losing his hair at a rapid rate.

In November 2015, Al Issa used the French flag filter for another profile photo, which many Facebook users were doing at the time to honor victims of terrorist attacks in France.

And where Facebook users can list their “Favorite Quote,” Al Issa wrote that he was a 138-pound wrestler “trying to make the world a better place”.